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The elections of FIM designated Vito Ippolito for third time in a row as President of FIM. From 130                                                                   associations present Vito    Ippolito got 62 votes against 41 votes of the second Jorge Viegas (Portugal).





about Vito Ippolito

Manager of the team Venemotos whose rider Carlos Lavado became 250 Grand Prix World Champion in 1983 and 1986
President of the FMV (Venezuelan Federation) from 1992 to 2006
President of the ULM (Union Latino-Americana de Motociclismo) from 1984 until 1998
Member of the FIM Road Racing Commission from 1984 until 1990
FIM Vice-President from 1990 to 1996
FIM Deputy President from 1997
FIM President since 2006